Studio view, Banff Centre for arts and creativity, credit Rita Taylor, 2023.

Taking inspiration from my observation of and my interest in urban construction sites, between the finished and the unfinished, my photographic installations explore their specificities through games of tension and formal balance. The aesthetics of the image, the choice of materials that support it and the hanging device that brings them together are constantly dependent on each other. In my exhibitions, links are made between my photographs, my studio documentation, the raw materials, the printing supports, the objects, the tools, or the photographic machines that characterize the history of the photographic medium and influence my treatment of the materiality of the image.

I try to define an aesthetic, philosophical and ecological in my image practice. Without modifying or intervening with the ecosystem from which I take my visual material (on a building site, in a workshop, in art residencies, etc.), I photograph what to me seems to be a transformation, with the image being the proof that something had occurred before my arrival.

I therefore collect a variety of photographic subjects that relate the image to its materiality and the environment in which it will be exhibited. My approach as a photographer is close to that of a handyman, confronting what resists, seeking through the shots I take to “solve a problem”, that of being in touch with reality, of spotting what is dear to me, of attempting hypotheses of formal and photographic arrangements, of setting up space to better evaluate, understand and finally readjust it.

Ph. D. études et pratiques des arts, Université du Québec à Montréal :