studio view, New York, 2012


My photography practice seeks to intersect the image with installation. My photographs are not confined to a format, support of fixed spatial display. Each of my images possesses and inherently generates its own variations as soon as it is materialized on a support and unfolds in a space. I thus attempt to create several scenarios for my photographic works, notably in documenting and archiving its multiple spatializations, which allows me to expressly question the medium, frame and its existence supports. The scenic apparatuses of my images’ apparition, crafting and spatialization are often precarious and fragile, because they integrate and ensure a visibility of all the stages of the “image making” process. Inspired by my observations and interest for urban construction sites, between the finished and unfinished, my exhibitions recall some of their features through a formal play on tension and balance. Correspondences arise between my photographs, studio documentation, raw materials, print supports, objects, and the tool or image apparition machines that accompany the history of the photographic media and which notably influence the way in which I rework the materiality of the image.


Ph. D. études et pratiques des arts, Université du Québec à Montréal :