studio view, New York, 2012


My photographic work attempts to link image and installation. My photographs are not locked within a standard format, a frozen frame or layout. Every single image holds and generates its own variations when it is materialized on a medium or deployed within a defined space.

Examining the medium, frames and props, I allow different interpretations of my photographs by providing multiple spatializations of them. I sometimes incorporate surrounding materials, placed on the ground or directly on the picture (wood planks, geometric shapes, measuring instruments, objects, colored papers…) in order to transform the atmosphere of the studio – similar to a building site – and recreate the staging and the illusion of their initial environment. The bodies photographed are plural, shot through with a certain unresolved fickleness, stopped or interrupted in their movements. The landscapes and architectures are identifiable, recognizable by the same imbalance that inhabits them, incomplete or of unknown function.

I take photographs because I have to. I feel the need to say, the need to show, the need to educate, the need to create another temporality which reflects my observation of the present time. A hiatus is created, related to an emotional event, a chosen or imposed location, an individual I met, intentionally or otherwise, in this reality. So, to conduct this search, paradoxically, I need to disregard what I found, in order to shape it, or recreate it. I will materialize it and share it so that other images can continue to exist. There is a nostalgic and utopian approach to it, which conveys an adjustment and a standpoint on the current reality which has no other aim but to accept our existence a little better. Taking photographs, is not just a visual revolution, but rather a vital intuition that this action is required. In the alternative space of the present reality, the one that is consummate and imposed, comes a second reality, within reach, that needs to be brought about.

Producing images allows me to keep a certain control over reality. By choosing what to keep from this reality, I do not give way under its weight, on the contrary, my desire to exist stems from it. There, I chose to be. In short, I relinquish and withdraw from reality, I acknowledge that I want to fight it as much as I want to let it go. Hence the need to still see.